About us

VENEZIANO DOC means exclusively the excellence from the city of Venice.

“La Serenissima” always had a tradition of products unique in the world, VENEZIANO DOC has as its mission that of let people know these authentic traditional artistic creations.

VENEZIANO DOC started in the heart of Venice, near Rialto’s bridge and from a craft workshop, now develops itself as a shop: a wide range of exclusively handmade, unique and high-quality products.

From the beginning we operate a careful selection of raw materials in order to guarantee our customers products of excellence for originality and durability.

Our traditional venetian masks and belts carries the typical smell of natural tanned leather.

The ancient writing kits bring together a series of calligraphic sets composed of a turkey pen with a pewter tip and a finely crafted inkwell.

These little pieces of art match perfectly with our richely refined travel notebooks in fine leather of Italian origin and totally natural tanned. Their trademark stands in the special processing of the leather which, through the ancient technique of hot iron decoration, is embellished with classical Venetian images. We refined them with a leather lace and so the notebook becomes perfect for traveling, writing and drawing.

VENEZIANO DOC is a world of creations, ancient and modern at the same time. A truly heady experience full of charme.